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Since the Quoddy Loop includes Canada and the United States, and since many people from other countries visit the area, it can be useful to compare one country's currency to another. Here's a handy calculator that provides such comparison.

Rate Conversion Differences

You may find that you obtain the best currency conversion at financial institutions or currency exchanges, rather than at the point of retail sale, so you may wish to convert your currency in advance of any retail purchases. Many Quoddy Loop businesses -- although not all -- will accept both Canadian and U.S. currency, with an adjustment for the rate of exchange.

Be aware that the percentage rate calculation used for currency conversion may differ between Canada and the U.S., which can result in a substantial difference when based on the same quoted percentage rate. In Canada, the rate is calculated on actual percent, based on a premium on the U.S. dollar as compared to the Canadian dollar. In the US, the calculation may not be based on true percentage (although it may be quoted as "percent"), which -- when the Canadian and US quoted "percentages" are equal -- will result in a substantial monetary difference.

Thus, to avoid an unpleasant surprise, it is best to use an example based on a given amount of currency, such as...

How much US currency will I get for $100 Canadian?

...rather than asking for the current exchange rate.

Currency Converter


Please use the converter's results as a guide only.

The coverter information is based on sources outside the Quoddy Loop area, so there may be significant differences between the converter's results and the actual local exchange rate.

Quoddy Loop Tourism and Old Sow Publishing take no responsibility for any errors or discrepancies between the converter results and actual rates.

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