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Maine Blackfly Breeders Association Products

As seen in Tim Sample's "Postcard From Maine" on CBS Sunday Morning in July 2001, the Maine Blackfly Breeders Association (a charitable downeast humor organization) offers a variety of products "blackfly."

You can purchase from blackfly houses and bowling alleys to swarm domes (a la snow domes), to tshirts emblazened with images of blackfly marching bands! You can even obtain blackfly swatter clubs, designed to vent the user's frustration with the pesky insect, but are guaranteed not to harm the critters one bit!

Your purchase will fund numerous worthwhile projects in the Way Downeast Maine area, and you and your friends who see your purchase will get a great chuckle in the bargain.


Old Sow Whirlpool "Piglet" Photograph

A Dramatic color photographic print, signed by the photographer, Lloyd Holmes. Suitable for framing.

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