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The Third Millennium

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When Did the Third Millennium Begin?
Lubec, Maine: Easternmost Point in the U.S.
Eastport: Maine's Millennium City
St. Andrews: Visit by the Three-Masted Barque Jeanie Johnston

When Did the New Millennium Begin?

The general public, and even governments, promoted the onset of the new millennium as being on January 1, 2000; however, the actual onset was January 1, 2001. (See the US Official Timekeeper, U.S. Naval Obervatory, on this topic.)


A Wrench In the Works!

However, in purely strict terms, the Third Millennium did not begin in either 2000 or 2001!

The calendar has been manipulated numerous times throughout history. In fact, it may be impossible to precisely determine the onset of the Third Millennium!

Then there are many other calendars (i.e., Chinese) which are based on entirely different historical references, and in which the Third Millennium occurred long ago!


Lubec, Maine: Easternmost Point in the U.S.

[West Quoddy Head Lighthouse]
West Quoddy Head Light

Adjacent to Quoddy Head State Park.

[Sail Rock]
Sail Rock

Just offshore from West Quoddy Light, this is the easternmost terrestrial site in the continental United States.

West Quoddy Head, with its famous lighthouse, and offshore Sail Rock, southeast of Lubec's village constitute the easternmost place in the United States!


Eastport: Maine's Millennium City

Eastport, Maine's easternmost city, was proclaimed by Maine Governor Angus King as Maine's Millennium City! Take a peek at the Governor's Official Proclamation!


St. Andrews: Three-Masted Barque Jeanie Johnston in Port

A full-scale, 150-foot, 408-ton, Irish-built replica of the original Quebec-built Jeanie Johnston, which visited St. Andrews on November 3, 1853, was in port in St. Andrews on July 25 and 26, 2000!

The original ship carried Irish immigrants to Quebec, Baltimore, and New York, but due to a storm made its unplanned visit to St. Andrews.

The replica ship visited 23 U.S. and Canadian ports before sailing back to the Emerald Isle in October.

Read all about the project and Jeanie Johnson voyage:

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