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Where is the Quoddy Loop?
 "Quoddy Loop"

(kwah'-dee loop)


A place of spectacular natural beauty, several American and Canadian communities fall near and within Passamaquoddy Bay and the western mouth of the Bay of Fundy.

Many of these communities are connected by five car ferry routes. The ferry and highway routes actually connect in several loop configurations within the greater area known as the Quoddy Loop.

"Quoddy" is a corruption of the Native word, "Passamaquoddy" ('pass-uh-muh-'kwah-dee) meaning "plenty pollock place," and is also the name of the Passamaquoddy Tribe of this area. The entire region was once known as "Quoddy" by Anglophones.

The Passamaquoddy Indian Tribe has two reservations in the area; one is Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Reservation, known by tribal members as "Sipayik," between Perry and Eastport, Maine, within the Quoddy Loop. The other is Indian Township Passamaquoddy Reservation, further north in Maine on US Highway 1, just north of Princeton.

Tides in the Quoddy Loop.

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