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2010 December

Dec 1

Board of Environmental Protection's latest 'deadline' for Calais LNG to replace Goldman Sachs' financial backing & to correct deficiencies in its permit applications

This extension granted by the BEP came after Calais LNG…

  • Pressed the BEP for expedited permit processing;
  • Backed out of the formal permitting hearings that were to have taken place the week of 2010 July 6;
  • Lost the financial backing of Goldman Sachs subsidiary GS Power Holdings;
  • Asked the BEP for, and received, an extension until 2010 August 11 to find a new financial backer or else withdraw its applications;
  • Found no financial backer by 2010 August 11 — but did reneged on its promise to withdraw;
  • Requested from the BEP, and received, an extension until 2010 September 11 to find a new financial backer or else withdraw its applications;
  • Again found no financial backer by September 11 — and again reneged on its promise to withdraw;
  • Attempted to get the BEP to delay its scheduled 2010 September 15 Conference of Council re Calais LNG's lack of financial capacity, deficient applications, and other issues. The BEP held denied the delay and held the meeting. It was after this meeting that the decision was made to grant Calais LNG an even greater extension of time than asked for.

When 2010 December 1 rolls around, will Calais LNG ask for yet another delay? The answer to that question arrived before Dec 1 — on Nov 23. [See the Dec 6 Calendar entry, below.]

Dec 6

4:00 pm ET

BEP Deadline
for Parties to Respond Regarding
Calais LNG's Latest Request for Delay

On Nov 23, Calais LNG submitted aPDF fileletter to the Maine Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) [PDF; 206 KB] requesting permitting be delayed until January 15, 2011. — The 5th time Calais LNG has requested a delay from the BEP.

Comments from the Parties regarding Calais LNG's request for further delay are due by 4 PM today.

Dec 13

4:00 pm ET

FERC Deadline
For Calais LNG to Provide
a Schedule For Re-establishing
TRI & Financial Capacity

Dec 16

1 pm ET / 2 pm AT

Elks Lodge
397 Civic Center Drive
Augusta, ME

BEP Meeting
Consider Calais LNG Permitting Extension

Parties to this permitting issue will have an opportunity to address the Board.

This Agenda Item CANCELLED
Due to Calais LNG withdrawing its state applications


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